SAM Online Services (previously vBOX)

This article is trying to use simplest language to share with u on What and Why for SAM Online services (previously vBOX).
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What is SAM?

SAM is a bill payment service provided by Singapore Post.

Why SAM Online Service?

SAM Online Service allows you to pay various bills via their web portal. Some of the payment could be paid by Credit Cards. And YES, you will earn 6% rebate if you are using OCBC Frank Credit Card (with min S$600 monthly spending).

Let’s see few bill payment services provided by SingPost:
* SingTel bills & Starhub bills: Accept credit card payment
* Tax Payments: NO credit card
* HealthCare (Hospital Bills): Accept credit card payment

For those bill payment services accepting credit card, YES, you will get 6% rebate here with Frank Credit Card.

You can explore more after registering of this service.

How to use SAM Online Service?

To protect users, SAM Online only allows users who are verified (by NRIC) to subscribe to receive their mail and make online payments.
If you get your IC ready, Sign up now and verify your account.