Travel Smart Rewards (TSR, Insinc): Get Rebate while taking MRT

Insinc is changing its name to Travel Smart Rewards

Since 1 Aug 2014, Insinc was re-named and moved to a new address at

Travel Smart Rewards (TSR) let you earn rebate while using your ez-link card. You could just register-and-forget, and just waiting for some small amount of surprise to be credited into your ez-link card.

How to register
Before register, please get you ez-link card number ready (CAN, at the back of the card)
1. Go to and register your ez-link card number
2. Login to your email and click “confirm“.
3. Wait another 2 ~ 3 days to get your card verified, or just forgot it.
4. In some day, you will see some extra money in your ez-link (S$1~S$200 each time). Why? The system will auto-play for you and credit the cash into your card (see “How to redeem”). Of course, you can also choose to play by yourself. Enjoy!

How it works
1. Take MRT and LRT to earn points for all the trips, with triple points for the morning off-peak trips.
2. Login to TSR and use “Spin to Win” because it get higher cash to win by comparing to “cash buyout”.
3. Personally, I got S$26 rebate from 4500 points.

How to earn more
1. Take MRT and LRT in decongesting hours (tap-in during 6:15-7:15am or 8:45-9:45am in weekdays).
2. Play “Spin to Win” when you achieved higher levels (e.g. Platinum).

How to redeem
1. TSR transfers reward balances over $1 to Transit Link once a month on the 1st week of every month.
2. Once you receive an email regarding rewards ready for redemption, you can then proceed to the AVM (Add Value Machine) for collection. To redeem, place your registered CEPAS card on the card reader and select ‘TSR Rewards‘ for the cash rewards to be top-up to your card.
3. More details @