Tips to SAVE on Air Tickets

Tips 1:Search Smart

Flights trip in China
For flights trip in China, the top recommendation is It help you to find the cheapest ticket for trip.

Flights trip globally
While for flights trip globally or SIN – China, I would recommend you use and/or SkyScanner to search and understand your trips & costs, and then book in the suitable websites.
Another recommendation is CheapTickets, its Coupon code help you to save your money and its “Multicity” option allows you to stay few days in some mid-city during your round trip but won’t affect the price too much or no impact.

Tips 2: Get Familiar with Airline Promo System

Most of airlines do have their fixed promo page, and some airlines even have their fixed-time-promos. Once you know the rules, you will know how to get a cheaper ticket:

Tips 3: Compare & Use Coupon Codes Smart

The following image gives an example for this tip. The result was from 3 websites: AirChina CN, AirChina SG, and CheapTickets. This is round trip between “SG – Jiamusi (China)”, 2-to-go.

In this example, the price from CheapTickets and AirChina SG is the same, but much less than AirChina CN. With the NATAS discount code from CheapTickets, the price was straightly jumped from 8840 RMB (around S$1800) to S$1485! Click here to see latest coupon code from CheapTickets.