Shopping Tips on Zalora

Want to SAVE and have some tips on Zalora purchases? Here it is:

Use Voucher Code

Zalora do provide numbers of voucher code, and you could find them under our Coupons – Zalora Page.
While for these voucher code, there are generally 2 types:

Standard Voucher Code
For standard voucher code, you can simply apply it before check-out.
And you could easily find Zalora monthly standard voucher codes under Zalora Voucher Page.

Credit-Cards-Linked Voucher Code
While for Credit-Cards-Linked Voucher Code, you won’t be able to apply it before check-out, and you will see the following error:
We are sorry, this voucher code is linked to certain credit cards and could not be added. Please contact our customer service at +65 3157 5555 for assistance.

To use it, you have to click check-out, and enter your credit card number. After correct credit card number detected, their system will allow you to input the voucher code.

Most of Zalora voucher codes will have some restrictions:
Voucher Code – Specified to Certain Category
For this group of voucher code, you have to use it for products under certain category, e.g.

Most of “sale-on-sale” voucher codes will also restrict the usage on certain category.

Voucher Code – Not for Sale items & brand exclusion
Most of voucher codes was not for sale items and with brand exclusion.
For this group of voucher code, you normally can use it for new products.

FREE Shipping & FREE Returns

Zalora provides FREE shipping & FREE 30 day return services.

For FREE shipping service, you need to satisfy certain minimize purchases (e.g. S$40) to eligible.

For more details, please check Zalora’s TRUST POLICY page.

Special Promotions & Important Links You Need to Know

Zalora do have some continuously-running deals, e.g.

You can find these deals under our Coupons – Zalora Page as well.

Yes. Zalora also runs some special promotions time by time, e.g. Flash Sale.
Do check our website frequently or follow our social channels to catch these special promotion events.