Introduction to MatchMove Wallet American Express® Virtual Pay (MMV)

The MatchMove American Express® Virtual Pay is virtual payment service, which is linked to your MatchMove wallet. As it’s virtual, there is no physical card that can be lost, stolen or damaged.

How to use

Step 1: Register an account
Register a MatchMove account via the following link to get S$3.88 Credit.
Register account & Receive S$3.88 Credit
After successfully registered, you will get an virtual American Express Card, which can store S$500 / S$1000 (need to verify Identity).

Step 2: Top up
You can top-up your MatchMove wallet via kinds of ways. Fees will be apply for some top-up channels.

Step 3: Shopping
Your virutal Amercian Express Card works like a normal American Express Prepaid Card. However, you will need to request a CSC code every time before shopping, and CSC code will be valid for one-time payment only (SAFE!).

Where can I shop using my Virtual Pay?

You can use it to shop at online merchants that welcome American Express.

Who can Apply?

You need to be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. A Singapore residential address and mobile number will also be required. There is no minimum income requirement and approval is instant.

Annual Fee

The annual fee is currently waived for the first year as a promotion. (The actual annual fee for MatchMove American Express® Virtual Pay is S$5.35).

Other Fees

Account Management Fees

Email change Free
Mobile change Free
Address change Free
Refund balance* S$5.00 / 10% (whichever is higher)
Account inactivity Free
Account closure Free

Transaction Fees

Foreign exchange 2.5%
Cross-border 1.5%

Other Fees

Suspend a card Free
Reactivate a card S$2.00
Verify your identity Free
Early termination of card Free
Virtual Pay Annual Fee^ S$5.35 (Free for the 1st year)