Airbnb Tips – Get S$56 Airbnb Credit for your first room bookings

This article will show you how to get S$56 in-store Airbnb Credit and how to use it for your first room bookings.

Get your S$56 Travel Credit

  1. Click referral link:
  2. Click “注册帐号,领取您的旅行基金” to start registration
  3. Choose the registration method, e.g. 通过邮箱注册 (Via Email)
  4. Fill the information and complete the registration. You will need to verify your email to receive S$56 Travel Credit.

Use your S$56 Travel Credit

Based on Airbnb restrictions, a Qualifying Reservation must have a total value (excluding guest fees or taxes) of at least $105 SGD (or its local currency equivalent*). The S$56 Credit will be automatically deducted upon checkout.


Q: Why the final deduction amount is S$58?
A: Airbnb use USD as its base currency. The actual amount for other local currencies may vary due to the change of exchange rate.

Q: What’s the expiration date of Airbnb Travel Credit?
A: Airbnb Travel Credit will be valid for 1 year.

Q: Promotion Period?
A: Unknown.

End. Now you can open link to receive your S$56 Airbnb Credit!