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  • Feast on Sri Lanka crab, shrimps, Boston lobsters, fresh clams, and more.
  • American-themed restaurant specialising in Southern cuisine and customised crab dishes.

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  • $32.50 for a $50 cash voucher
  • $65 for a $100 cash voucher
  • $129.90 for a $200 cash voucher


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Full Of Crab

Founded on December 2013, Full Of Crab is a family-owned, American-themed restaurant that specialises in Southern cuisine and customised crab dishes. Customers are allowed to pick their choice of crab, flavouring, and spices to cater to their palates. Seafood are freshly cooked with a selection of sauces that are made with a combination of secret ingredients. The restaurant also offers shrimp and chips, Cajun wings, and beverages like Heineken draft or Tiger Radler.


“We particularly enjoyed the coarseness of the sauce from the garlic and special blend of spices which went well with the firm texture of the Sri Lankan crabs. The naturally sweet flesh of the crabs and the prawns certainly defined the freshness of seafood and how it should be.” – May 26, 2015

“But the main sell of the place is bags full of crabs. Choose your crabs (market price) and your sauce (Cajun, or garlic butter, or fully loaded which is a mix of the former two)…Mr Fitness and I had an awesome time at maritime-themed Full of Crab. If food is about bonding with family and friends, then come here.” – May 11, 2015
A. Nathanael Ho

“Our meal started with some Fish and Chips…The tender and juicy breaded fish broke into small pieces easily when pried apart with our fingers. The slightly-less-than-crisp Cajun Fries were fluffy on the inside and were so tasty that it was completely addictive.” – Apr 27, 2015