OCBC Frank Credit Card

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OCBC Frank Card: Effected from 1 Oct 2015, you could enjoy 6% rebates on online purchases, 3% / 5% rebates on entertainment, and 3% rebates on first 2 NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups (max S$60 rebate per month) when you make at least S$400 offline transactions per month.

6% Rebate on Online Purchases

Retail transactions are purchases for goods and services and exclude the following transactions: (a) Payments made via telephone or mail order; (b) Subscription and recurring payments; (c) Payments to government institutions; (d) Payments to financial institutions (including banks and brokerages); (e) Payments to insurance companies; (f) Utility bill payments; (g) Donations; h) Payment of funds to prepaid accounts and merchants who are categorised as “payment service providers”; (i) Payments to schools, hospitals, professional services providers and payments for parking lots (j) Payments of membership fees to clubs and associations; (k) Payments made via online banking; (l) Any other transactions determined by OCBC from time to time.
Online transactions are retail transactions made via the internet and processed by the respective merchants/acquirers as an online transaction type through the Visa/MasterCard Worldwide networks.
You will earn 6% rebate on all online purchases exclude any payment to prepaid accounts

3% Rebates on NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups (ATU)

  • NETS FlashPay is available with OCBC Frank Credit Card. ATU is auto-registered. Simply take MRT / BUS to activate.
  • ATU could only occur if there is insufficient value when making payment transactions for MRT/LRT fare, SMRT/SBST Buses fare, ERP and EPS (CEPAS-enabled car parks only).
  • ATU will fail if the previous ATU occurs in last 3 days. You won’t be able to take BUS; you will be able to step into MRT but unable to come out.
  • The amount for each ATU is fixed at S$50 per transaction and may not be changed.
  • Use the NETS FlashPay on the FRANK Credit Card for MRT and bus rides, or supermarket, movie tickets, quick bites and more.
  • 6% Rebates only apply to first 2 ATUs.


  • Min S$500 spend in a calendar month is required for 6% rebate.
  • Monthly rebate will be capped at S$60