EZ-Link Fevo Prepaid MasterCard

View Details Bank: EZ-Link Fevo Prepaid MasterCard

* Prepaid MasterCard, store up to S$1000 in MasterCard purse.
* Top-up MasterCard purse using any Credit Card / Debit Card
* Top-up EZ-Link purses using either EZ-Reload or Tap and Top
Where to buy:
* Online: Get a Personalized FEVO / special edition FEVO thematic card at S$28
* M1 Stores: Get M1 Prepaid MasterCard @ S$15 (with S$10 initial value in MasterCard purse)
Online Portals:
* Fevo Card: http://www.fevocard.com.sg/
* M1 Prepaid MasterCard: https://prepaidmastercard.m1.com.sg/